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A selection of all the Vertrouwen can do for you and your group:

Sailing trips

Experience The Netherlands at it’s purest. Roam the Oosterschelde (Holland’s biggest natural reserve) with us daily.


From weddings to custom sailing experiences – Explore a wide range of different events made possible on the Vertrouwen.

Marine training

Safety at sea starts with the right preparation. Learn all about ship and sea safety by licensed instructors, the fun way.

The Oosterschelde is just the beginning.

Whichever trip you take, we'll make sure it will be unforgettable.

Sailing Netherlands' largest nautical habitat

Sailing Netherlands' largest nautical habitat

Explore an ever changing but never boring peninsula and it's waters

About the Oosterschelde
Sailing Netherlands' largest nautical habitat

Experienced sailing crew

Marine couple Rini & Mégan will make your trip unforgettable

Meet your crew
Sailing Netherlands' largest nautical habitat

Spacious stay

Up to 3 locked cabins with shared bathroom.

About rooms and storage
Sailing Netherlands' largest nautical habitat

Private trainings and events

Create impact in small groups with an Oosterschelde Tour event or training – It's like booking a meeting room, but surrounded by water.

What we did, and can do for you

The ships' history

Build in 1955, the Vertrouwen got rebuild thrice. This to make sure the harsh conditions of the winds and seas are not only endurable, but also comfortable enough to make any wind feel like a breeze.

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